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Marconi Station Operations in South Wellfleet

Early in 1904, Mr. Paget and Mr. Taylor — Marconi engineers — came to South Wellfleet to prepare the Marconi station to become part of the company’s service of press and private messages for subscribing ships at sea on the … Continue reading

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Mr. Marconi Builds His Station in South Wellfleet

In May 1901 an article in the Barnstable Patriot reported that a wireless telegraph system was underway in South Wellfleet, describing it as a “plant” that would operate the Marconi system “…by which signals can be exchanged with passing ships.” … Continue reading

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Mr. Marconi Comes to South Wellfleet

January is a good month to write about Marconi and the years his company operated in South Wellfleet. On January 19, 2013, we’ll be celebrating the 110th anniversary of his historic accomplishment. Marconi’s choice of South Wellfleet as his American … Continue reading

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Two South Wellfleet Families: The Doanes and the Fosters

Last summer, in an effort to learn more about the families that lived in South Wellfleet, I was welcomed for a visit to the historic home of Ed Ayres and his son, and the home of Valerie and Bill Scheel. … Continue reading

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